Westport Connecticut Divorce Support Group

Westport Connecticut Divorce Support Group

Divorce can often be a complex and difficult process that elicits painful emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, abandonment, and guilt. Add in the practical aspects of divorce (e.g., custody issues, finances, single parenting) and divorce can be quite overwhelming and isolating. A divorce support group can provide you with the strength to overcome this difficult time and to recover and grow.

With divorce many people experience the loss of social support. Additionally, living without one’s spouse can be lonely. A divorce support group made up of other individuals living through a similar experience can help you to decrease your sense of isolation and to feel more understood.

A divorce support group helps members:

  • Feel more connected with and supported by others.
  • Understand their emotional needs and how to address them.
  • Regain focus on self-care and improve self-esteem.
  • Let go of difficult emotions.
  • Increase hope for the future.

Dr. Berman is currently forming a divorce support group for separated or divorced individuals. The group is aimed at providing support and helping members to cope with both the practical and emotional aspects of divorce. There will be an emphasis on helping members to work through unresolved feelings and issues of loss and change. Goals include increased hope, decreased isolation and improved self-care.

If you are looking for a Westport Connecticut Divorce Support Group, please contact Dr. Berman at (203) 292-0712 for more information.

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